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Piper Press Print & Copy Center

First Floor,  Dearborn Hall

Designated parking located between Earp Hall and Dearborn and in the rear parking (spring, summer & fall only) lot closest to Centennial Hall.

Look for the Designated Piper Press Parking Signs.

  • Winter Parking is now in effect.
  • Please use the designated parking by parking in front of the Piper Parking signs on the east side of  Dearborn Hall near Earp Hall.

Follow side walks to the front of the building entrance on Darrow or to the parking lot entrance of Dearborn Hall to enter building.  

Dearborn Hall 105

205 Darrow Road

Edinboro, PA 16444

Mondays: 8AM - 4PM

Tuesday - Friday: 9AM - 4PM

Last copy or print request accepted 15 minutes prior to closing.

PHONE:     814-732-2739



Variety of stocks available in text, cover and index weights including smooth, coated (gloss) and matte finishes;

cut paper up to 13" x 19" paper; 8.5" x 11" fluorescents; quality  linen and vellum  varieties of text  weight (great for resumes and flyers). 

Many colors of stock to choose from! 

If you don't see a type of paper or service listed, please ask, we will be happy to discuss the best options for you.